Hello friends of the UFC Mobile Wikia. I've been in this game for some times (I'm on my Day 220 daily login now). The first time I downloaded this game I felt like "Finally, I can play a UFC game on my phone" since I don't have another console to play this game (Like the PlayStation)

Screenshot 2016-05-28-07-10-34

Daily Reward

I remember the old days when it was so easy to win a limited edition fighters. My first one was a retirement edition of GSP! We can win the prize for only 3000-5000 points in the live event. What can we get now for 3000 points? Just perks I believe.

I, personally think this game has gotten much more difficult compared to the time it was launched. If you just started this game and you might be wondering (like I did) "why can't I get good fighters like my friends?" the tips are:

1. Use a regular one to get the good one: We all began from the bottom. You need to start fighting with your Gray or Yellow fighters, and climb to the top to get Orange fighters. I also started winning the Live Event(s)  with a Gray and Purple fighters (Gray Holly Holm, Purple Alexander Gustaffson, and Yellow Dustin Poirier). I remember defeating Orange CE Ronda Rousey with my Gray Holly Holm (phew!). These regular fighters are "enough to help you survive," but well, not enough in terms of damages, maxed health, and.... not a limited edition (well, you can always spend real cash to buy any fighters if you want a shortcut :p)


Some requirements to get a free fighter

2. Participate in a Live Event: This is a very good chance to win good fighters freely. Always participate in a Live Event for a chance to get good fighters (then again, you can always spend real cash to buy any fighters tho if you think playing live event is tiring :p). These Live Events occur in the same date as a UFC event in real life. Check the official website for upcoming events. See this picture below. It's an example of live event. 
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Live Event

3. Try to collect your daily login reward everyday: As seen in the picture above, it's a reward for logging in everyday. Different day, different reward. At Day 100, they will give you FREE Orange Rarity Bruce Lee (yes, free) with maxed rating of 14,321. At Day 200, they will give you FREE Orange Rarity Georges St. Pierre with maxed rating of 13,881. It's a long way to go, I know, just be patient. All of us here began from Day 1. No doubt about it.


Free Georges St. Pierre on the 200th Day

4. Finish career mode: The Career Mode is a good way to earn money, abilities and new fighters. Make sure you finish the Career Mode until level 250. There is a chance of you getting a new fighter in some levels. When you open a reward box at a certain level, the box MIGHT (I said once again, you MIGHT. Might be lucky or might not :p) contain a new fighter. For example:

Flyweight: Box at level 30, 70, 112
Middleweight: Box at level 20, 30, 70, 112
Heavyweight: Box at level 12, 30, 70, 112 


  • Update from GlitteryLoki (thank you bro for helping me with this): 

    Types of fighters rewards at the Career Mode.

- Flyweight Career Mode: HW fighter at   box no. 30, LW fighter at box no. 70, and   MW fighter at box no. 112

- Lightweight Career Mode: MW fighter at   box no. 30, FW fighter at box no. 70, and   HW fighter at box no. 112

- Middleweight Career Mode: LW fighter at box no. 20, FW fighter at  box no. 30, HW fighter at box no. 70, and   LW fighter at box no. 112

- Heavyweight Career Mode: MW fighter at box no. 12, LW fighter at  box no. 30, MW fighter at box no. 70, and   FW fighter at box no. 112

- Bantamweight Career Mode: Same as Flyweight Career Mode.

5. Be sure to log in with your Facebook account so  you don't lost the progress you've made.

6. Don't bother asking. Just post any questions in the comment section. Everyone has different experiences here. I also still learn from other people. Well, I guess that's all for now. Have fun playing. Did I miss anything? Tell in the comment below.

Special thanks to admin JiriDrak :)